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At kingamesapp we love video games, that's why we passionately create fun games for everyone.
We are very involved with the security and optimization of our applications, so we do not ask you for any additional permission when installing our games on your device.
We want everyone to enjoy our games, so you will not have to pay anything, they are free .
What are you waiting for to start playing ?

Our team

Programming, design and

HTML5 programmer with more than 10 years of experience, I love video games and I consider it a fun and enjoyable way to learn, always in favor of the multiple benefits that they offer when their approach is appropriate, kingamesapp started 8 years ago as a hobby and now step by step it consolidates as a company.

Cybersecurity, QA and

Cybersecurity expert with more than 7 years of experience in the secure development cycle of desktop, web and mobile applications. Founder of QBSecurity providing services in the identification and exploitation of vulnerabilities with real impact on the business.

Jose Manuel
Programming and level design

More than 4 years of experience with unity and C#.

Defend the Tower: Castle War and Strategy

Explore levels, destroy monsters and get rewards in this epic game!


  • 100 levels.
  • 20 characters.
  • Improves character skill.
  • Fortrest in the Shop system.

Zombie Survival

Are you ready to survive the end of the world?
Equip yourself with the best weapons you can find and kill all enemies without compassion, they will not have it with you.
Enjoy 100 levels full of action and adrenaline in the most varied missions and best of all, it's free.
Fun graphics and challenges you will not be able to stop playing until you finish it.

Galaxy Wars - Space Shooter

  • Exciting battle: 60 levels full of enemies and action spread over 5 different galaxies full of surprises.
  • Huge bosses: Fight and defeat the bosses of each galaxy.
  • Power up your pilot: Shop full of upgrades for your ship so you can face the toughest enemies to defeat.
  • Leaderboard: Be the top 1!
  • Unlock achievements: Many challenges to complete!

How much do you know about 2?

Recommended by pedagogues learn, reinforce your knowledge and exercise your memory while having fun !!
Challenge your mind and your knowledge in 19 levels with more than 10,000 questions,

Three game modes and 14 categories of the most varied and fun.

Dice Poker - World Tour

Translated into 7 languages: Spanish, English, French, Italian, Russian, Chinese and Portuguese.
With more than 300 levels and new graphics complete the WORLD TOUR.
The great classic is here in 3D dice game simulator for the whole family !!
Play alone against the CPU or with friends in its various game modes.

21 in 1 multi games

A pack of 21 best classic games, all ages for 1 or 2 players.

Multi games or gathered games is a collection of 21 of the best free board and brain games for you.

1 or 2 players.

Drum pads machine

Drum Machine Pads compose your own melody, be a real DJ music. It's the easiest and most fun way to master the art of composing beats!

Drum Machine Pads Professional Easy is a mixer that makes you a DJ, creating music is perfect and creative entertainment.

Super Memorize2

Develop your mind by having fun with this addictive matching game, it is scientifically proven.

Accept the challenge in multiple totally addictive levels that will test your ability to remember and your short and long term memory.
Game for all ages, both children and adults can enjoy with it.


Hangman is a guessing game for the whole family.
Spanish and English.
You no longer need a pencil and paper to play the great classic. for
Guess the hidden word by choosing the correct letter. If you fail each time you will be closer to being hanged.

4 in a row

Welcome to the classic game of 4 in a row!

It is one of the most popular strategy games in the world, this application offers you two different game modes.
The objective of 4 in a row is to line up four tiles on a board made up of six rows and seven columns.
Each player has 21 pieces of one color, red or yellow.


Chess game, one of the oldest strategy games in the world.

Chess is a game between two people, each of whom has 16 moving pieces that are placed on a board? divided into 64 boxes.
In its competitive version, it is considered a sport although at present it clearly has a social and educational dimension.

Easy English

The English game for beginners

Innovative and effective, our English course application will help you learn English vocabulary by dedicating only 10 minutes of reviews a day and with tangible results in a short time.

It is an ideal tool for those who want to speak English quickly and without wasting time with long and boring English courses.


This dice game has been called by many names over the years: Yatzy, Yacht, Yam's, Yahsee, but what does not change is that it is very simple, quick to learn and a lot of fun to play!

Keep your brain active and attentive, analyze all the possibilities and try to get the best score to beat your friend!

Firecrackers simulator explosions bombs and flares

The best firecracker simulator and more fun !!!

Light the fuse with your virtual lighter in the ultimate simulator, play pranks on your friends and family.

Feel the power of the explosions of firecrackers or bombs with extraordinary sound effects and visual effects in your hands.


Riddles and riddles

Challenges to our mind.
Why don't you dare to overcome our Riddles - Riddles !!

More than 100 puzzles divided into levels.
Need help? share the challenge by whatsapp and ask for help.
Guaranteed fun! From small puzzles to smarter riddles.

3D dice

It is an application for those who lose the dice of their games, now you can also block the dice, to combine them with others.

You have the option of rolling up to 12 dice in a single roll. Look no further for your dice to play here you will always have it at hand.

SHAKE YOUR MOBILE to roll the dice !!


Flags and citys 

Trivial Boom!!

Snake - the classic

Checkers and Chess



Words Cross

Simon says

Dice Poker - the game

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